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A little update
Hello, how's everybody doing? This is going to be a pretty long journal entry where I tell what I've been up to lately. Nothing very important or interesting... 
I'm still very much busy... I should be getting my degree this summer (finally!) but there's still much to be done, and the universe loves to throw obstacles at me. I'm almost starting to believe in higher powers, some deity clearly doesn't like me much... :XD:
I'm desperately hunting for a job but no luck so far. I had a job interview this week, but that didn't go too well... The interviewers were so rude and arrogant it was unbelievable. They didn't greet me or introduce themselves, they pretty much just sat there and talked to each other, occasionally asking me some weird questions. They didn't even ask anything about my education or job history, or much about me in general. It really felt like they had already picked out somebody for the job, but made me travel to the other side of the country
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Grumpy Rainbow Horse
Rainbow Dash HATED it to be pregnant. See here a lil dialogue. ( Btw I love eyebrow headcanons and height headcanons )

Rainbow Dash was ready to go the Wonderbolts Acedemt. She opened her wings and Flapped with her wings but fell down on the ground. She heard a stallion laughing.

Haha! That was so fun! thepegasus said. He also fell down on the ground of laughter.

I will avenge you ... Said RD quiet , the stallion was unable to hear.

And if you are wondering , RD will avenge Thunder Lane , later.
OTPS that are finally posted
A friend gave me the hope to post my OTPS so I just drew this sketch and here it is BAM!
From left up to richt up to middle down:
Gabby x Bulk : Gabby got a teen crush on Bulk and that later turned in relationship
Ember x Rutherford : My friend made me ship This XD , two grumpy creatures together lol.
Fancy Pants x Fleur Dis Lee : They always liked eachother and got a twins .
They are based of my old babies of them.
The 1 with no Horn is called Roxette .

More info when I wanna write more
After I saw a spoiler of Princess Trixie Sparkle ( it was a song XD ) I saw Luna and Shadow very cute together. Aaaaaaand the episode is not even here and I ship it! Btw to the ppl who dont know Shadow , he is fan made and is not in the show


Hey guys! I make My Little Pony artwork and The Lion King artwork. Sometimes even other stuff.
Stamps :
Ships i love : FlutterSpike Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12 AppleShoes Stamp by DragonNatureStudios SoarPie Stamp by RainCupcake
Ships i hate : Anti BraeJack Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Anti TwiDance Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Anti TwiArmor Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Anti CeleLuna Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Anti - AppleMac by FairyKitties22


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